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At the end of 2003 we published a book about studio Struktuur 68: Work in Progressboek35.JPG (150905 bytes)

Edition: 600 pieces, 104 pages, ISBN 90-803745-2-0, price 20 Euro

Design: Wout de Vringer (Faydherbe/De Vringer)

Editors: Struktuur 68

Text Genesis: Dr. Paul Hefting  

The publication of the book was realized with the financial support of Fonds 1818 and the Foundation for the Promotion of Monumental Ceramics, The Hague  

                                               Work in Progress

BoekOpen1.JPG (154648 bytes)The narrow Nieuwe Molstraat is more intriguing than one might suspect given the somewhat older and monotonous facades of the houses and small businesses lining the street. The tucked away studios of Atelier Struktuur 68 can be found in this section of The Hague 's 'little Chinatown '. Behind a simple door, one finds a maze of halls linking large and small spaces covered in an ochre colored dusting of dry clay. Another world is unveiled where strange creatures stand, many unfinished, covered in light blue transparent plastic, waiting to be adorned with a layer of color. In de dusty ochre décor with pastel-like variations, one can suddenly come across a colorful sculpture, ready to be transported to its final destination. But these are exceptions.

There is a quiet ambiance of people hard at work: artists working on details of large-scale projects,BoekOpen2.JPG (101111 bytes) concentrating on the form or applying glaze, simultaneously sculpting and painting. Working like alchemists, staff members, using precise formulas, mix white or dull colored powders that are transformed by high temperatures into brilliant colors, like butterflies emerging from their drab cocoons.

BoekOpen3.JPG (129560 bytes)While working on a ceramic work of art transformations occur that are important to note. The original versatility of wet, pliable clay essentially disappears in the firing process and becomes fixed in the ceramic material. All the previous characteristics of the clay are lost.

Working with ceramics requires a great deal of imagination. Painters especially find this difficult. The pastelBoekOpen4.JPG (101308 bytes) tints of unfired glazes can become very bright once they are fired; and what starts out as white can become red, but then it is not unusual to find you end up with yellow or orange instead. Light grays turn into the brightest blues. The outcome of the ceramic artwork often looks completely different than it does during the various phases of the working process.


Work in Progress, a peek backstage where you can see that there are no 'it has to be done this way' rules. The special moments during the process are really what are most important, as well as the climate created by the various collaborations in this studio, housed within the historic walls of Struktuur 68. A peek at the work in progress, but above all, an homage to the craft of ceramics.BoekOpen5.JPG (124176 bytes)

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